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A Supernova, some galaxies and a handful of clusters!
Written by Richie Jarvis   
Saturday, 07 May 2011 01:14

Its been an interesting few weeks.  My new Starlight Xpress Filter Wheel and Off-Axis Guider has arrived, and I've now got a set of LRGB 2" Astronomik filters to go with it.  Waiting for the Ha and Oiii, but for now I am strictly confined to true colour imaging!  It couldn't have been timed better - the last few weeks have been warm and mostly clear.  I've had chance to shoot a relatively new supernova (SN2011by) in NGC3972, and also been catching up on Globular Clusters with Messier 3, Messier 53 and NGC5053.

NGC3972 and a few other galaxies in Ursa Major.  SN2011by is marked.  Click for the image capture details and a large version.

Preparation for this months Under British Skies show has also been quite hectic.  We've got an update from Nick Howes on his recent grand astro tour of NEAF and NAM.  John Zarnecki kindly took some time to speak to Sam Hawkins and I, and Paul Harper and Tavi Greiner interviewed Geoff Notkin, one of the famed Meteorite Men.  I've still got to get that little lot edited up before the next show on the 15th!

I have also just uploaded my latest 'Clear Skies' talk, so you can have some fun investigating the night sky.  Get it here as a pdf.

Clear Skies All!



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