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richiedeepsky: Witches Broom Nebula in Cygnus - Ha/Oiii/Sii from South Common Observatory mk2 #astronomy #skyatnight
richiedeepsky: First Image from South Common Observatory mk2: Albireo in Narrowband (Ha/Oiii/Hb)
richiedeepsky: First exposure completed. Taking Ha/Oiii/Sii/Hb of the double star Albireo in Cygnus
richiedeepsky: Just started my first exposure in the new observatory - South Common Observatory mk2 is now LIVE! :)

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2019-02-07 - AllSky Camera - 150 degree view
Written by Richie Jarvis   
Friday, 08 February 2019 01:38

My 150 degree All-Sky camera is up and working again (mostly!) Cloud at the moment ;)

I have had some nice activity on it which looks good at 120fps Cool

(note to self... Upgrade Joomla and get youtube support...)

Linky here:

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